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Pub golf: A drinking game for the thirsty and competitive

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Calculating your golf handicap: A fun and easy guide

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What are the 10 main golf game formats ?

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11 fun golf drinking games to try with your buddies

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The best golf watches right now

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The best golf clothing brands right now

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TGL Top Swing indoor golf arena

TGL: what we know about Tiger and Rory’s new indoor golf league

The PGA Tour has partnered with a new team-based live virtual golf league called TGL, co-created by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Mike[…]


My top 5 favorite YouTube golf channels

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My top 5 favorite golf podcasts

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The 5 best indoor golf simulator venues in Boston

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Is golf an expensive and exclusive sport?

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An in-depth look into the world of disc golf

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How golf is advancing diversity and inclusion

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The ultimate guide to indoor golf

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Discover the thrills of street golf (urban golfing)

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