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Golf fashion

Whether you’re seeking maximum comfort under any weather condition or wish to get compliments from your buddies during your round, clothing has always been an essential topic in the golf world. Let’s take a little history tour of golf apparel from the early days of golf until today before reviewing the best golf clothing brands.

In this article we will review both traditional and new golf fashion brands brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike Golf, Peter Millar, A.P.C Golf, Malbon, Random Golf Club and many more.

The evolution of golf fashion: from stuffy to sporty and casual

Golfer girl with a bob hat and a red polo

Golf fashion has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past century, transitioning from a realm of formality to one that embraces comfort and style. A mere 100 years ago, golfers were all about dressing to the nines. Men donned long pants, collared shirts, ties, and jackets, while women gracefully swayed in long skirts and elegant dresses. What is the reason behind this formal dress code? Golf was perceived as the sport of gentlemen, and dressing impeccably was a way for golfers to showcase their membership in an exclusive club.

But times have certainly changed. golf is becoming more inclusive, and the sport is changing for the better. Today’s golf scene paints a different picture—one that values comfort over formality, style over social standard. The bob hats, the golf sneakers and the hoodies are at the forefront of this trend.

On the fairways, you’re more likely to spot golfers sporting shorts, joggers (stop at the ankles), polo shirts, and comfortable spikeless golf shoes such as Air Max, Jordans, Stan Smith, OluKai or Goatlane. While some golf traditionalists still opt for more formal attire, particularly during major tournaments, espoecially duiring The Masters, the overall trend in golf fashion has shifted towards relaxation, ease and sportswear.

What prompted this evolution? There are several key factors at play. First and foremost, golf has surged in popularity, especially since covid with the arrival of "covid golfers" and the broadcast of the Full Swing documentary on Netflix, attracting a diverse array of players spanning all ages and backgrounds. As the sport broadened its horizons, it naturally embraced a more inclusive approach to fashion. Second, the game itself has become more casual, with golfers prioritizing comfort and functionality over stuffy tradition. Lastly, advances in material technology have enabled the creation of golf clothing that effortlessly marries style and performance (spandex, polyester, nylon, gore-Tex, bamboo fiber, mesh...).

The beauty of modern golf fashion lies in its diversity and adaptability. Whether you prefer to sport a more traditional look on the golf course or embrace the relaxed attire of contemporary golfers to play indoor golf, there’s no wrong way to dress for the course (except for clubs that still require collars). The golden rule remains constant: prioritize comfort so you can give your best performance on the greens. And who knows, your unique style might even spark a fresh trend in the ever-evolving world of golf fashion! So, step onto the course confidently, knowing that the attire you choose reflects the golfer you are today.

Traditional golf apparel brands

Polo Ralph Lauren golf brand: the perfect blend of classic style and modern performance

Ralph Lauren golf RLX

Polo Ralph Lauren is a classic American brand that has been dressing golfers for decades with its iconic polo shirts, sweaters, and outerwear. But it’s not just about style. Polo Ralph Lauren golf apparel is also made with high-quality materials and construction, so you can look your best and play your best on the course.

  • Classic style: Polo Ralph Lauren is known for its preppy style, perfect for the golf course.
  • High-quality materials: Polo Ralph Lauren’s golf apparel boasts top-notch materials, ensuring longevity and durability you can count on.

The most famous RLX athletes are Billy Horschel who plays on the PGA Tour (man in the middle of the photo) and Andrea Lee competing on the LPGA)

Peter Millar: classic golf apparel with a modern twist

Peter Millar Golf

Peter Millar is a golf apparel brand that blends classic style with modern performance. The brand uses high-quality materials and construction to create comfortable and stylish garments. Peter Millar’s polo shirts, sweaters, and outerwear are all inspired by classic menswear styles but with a modern twist that makes them perfect for the modern golfer.

  • High-end fabrics: Peter Millar uses only the finest materials in its golf apparel, so you can be sure it will last.
  • Classic style: Peter Millar is known for its classic style, which is perfect for the golf course.

Several professional golfers rock the brand on the course including Ryan Fox, Cameroun Young (rookie of the year 2022 on the PGA Tour) and Kevin Kisner.

Bobby Jones Golf: timeless elegance for the modern golfer

Bobby Jones swing

Bobby Jones Golf is a brand that pays homage to the legacy of one of the greatest golfers of all time, Mr. Bobby Jones.

Step into a world where golf tradition meets contemporary elegance. Bobby Jones Golf pays homage to the iconic golfer himself, embodying the spirit of the game’s golden era. With a commitment to quality and style, every piece of apparel and equipment reflects the pursuit of perfection on the course. Experience the timeless grace and dedication to craftsmanship that defines the Bobby Jones Golf brand—a brand that carries the legacy of a true golfing legend with every swing.

  • Timeless style: Bobby Jones Golf is inspired by the classic style of Bobby Jones himself, which is perfect for the golf course.
  • Modern performance: Bobby Jones Golf also incorporates modern performance features into its apparel, such as moisture-wicking fabrics and U.V. protection.
  • Premium materials: Bobby Jones Golf uses only the finest materials in its apparel, so you can be sure it will last.

Bobby Jones is especially present on the PGA Champions Tour with Steve Stricker, Miguel Ángel Jiménez (known as the most interesting man in golf) and the South-African Ernie Els.

Royal Albartross golf shoes: where timeless style takes flight

Royal Albatross Golf

Enter a realm where golf fashion soars to new heights. Royal Albartross Golf captures the essence of timeless elegance with a modern twist. Inspired by the grace and beauty of the albatross, this brand combines classic sophistication with innovative design. Every shoe, glove and belt is a testament to the commitment to excellence on and off the course. Explore a world of refined luxury and craftsmanship that sets Royal Albatross Golf apart—a brand that embodies the grace and precision of this majestic bird with every swing.

  • Timeless style: Royal Albatross Golf is inspired by the classic style of the Scottish Links, which is perfect for the golf course.
  • Comfortable fit: Royal Albatross Golf apparel is designed to be comfortable and stylish so you can focus on your game.

The brand features in their ambassadors one of the most famous golf coaches in the world, David Leadbetter.

J.Lindeberg: elevating golf fashion with scandinavian sophistication

J Lindeberg golf Viktor Hovland

J.Lindeberg, hailing from Scandinavia, is a brand that has redefined golf fashion. Their commitment to quality is evident in every garment, with meticulous attention to materials and craftsmanship.

The brand’s style is characterized by minimalist elegance, boasting clean lines, timeless patterns, and a versatile color palette that seamlessly transitions from the golf course to everyday life.

J.Lindeberg doesn’t follow fashion trends; they set them. They encourage individuality and innovation in golf attire, making each golfer’s style unique.

  • Scandinavian style: J.Lindeberg is inspired by Scandinavia’s clean and minimalist style.
  • High-quality materials: J.Lindeberg uses only the finest materials in its apparel, so you can be sure it will last.

The Scandinavian brand proudly sponsors Viktor Hovland (photo above), DP World tour player Todd Clements, LPGA player Kelly Tan and English golf professional Matt Wallace.

Sporty Golf Apparel Brands

Adidas Golf: performance and style unleashed

Dustin Johnson Adidas Golf ambassador who plays for LIV Golf

Adidas Golf seamlessly blends sportswear mastery with golf’s unique demands, delivering performance-driven gear, bold style, inclusivity, sustainability, and a commitment to helping golfers succeed. It’s where golf meets excellence, creating a winning combination for the modern golfer.

  • Performance-driven designs: Adidas Golf apparel is designed to help you perform your best on the golf course.
  • Innovative technologies: Adidas Golf uses innovative technologies, such as moisture-wicking fabrics and UV protection, to help you stay comfortable and dry on the course.

Adidas Golf sponsors several top-tier PGA Tour ands LIV Golf players such as Joaquim Niemann, Ludvig Åberg, Xander Schauffele and Collin Morikawa. Dustin Johnson (photo above), former world #1, was Adidas Golf's biggest and most successful ambassador for over 15 years until they agreed to part ways when dustin joined LIV in 2023.

Adidas is also famous for collaborating with other brands, such as Bogey Boys and Malbon.

Nike Golf: performance golf apparel for the everyday athlete

Ross Fisher wearing Nike Golf

A leading name in the golfing world is where innovation and style unite on the fairways. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology, Nike Golf constantly pushes the boundaries of performance, offering golfers an edge. Their golf apparel looks good and delivers superior comfort and functionality, designed to adapt to the golfer’s every move. With a rich heritage in athletics, Nike Golf embodies the spirit of champions, empowering golfers to reach their full potential while looking effortlessly stylish on the course.

  • Innovative designs: Nike Golf apparel is designed to help you perform your best on the golf course.
  • Performance-driven fabrics: Nike Golf uses performance-driven materials, such as Dri-FIT and Therma-FIT, to help you stay comfortable and dry on the course.

Nike Golf is especially known for being the official sponsor of Tiger Woods for 27 years (until early 2024, when Tiger decided to part ways and launch his own brand on top of TW called Sun Day Red), and the creators of the popular Nike Jordan golf shoes.

Callaway Golf Fashion: stylish and functional golf apparel

Callaway Golf women's clothing

Elevate your golf game with Callaway Golf Apparel, a fusion of performance and fashion under the renowned Callaway Golf Company.

Think moisture-wicking shirts, sun-shielding U.V. gear, and flexibility that rivals the pros. They’re a favorite in professional golf, often seen on P.G.A. and LPGA stars. Callaway Golf Apparel covers whether you’re a dedicated golfer or just aiming to look your best on the green. It’s time to tee off in style and step up your golf game with this exceptional brand!

  • Stylish designs: Callaway Golf Fashion apparel is designed to be both stylish and functional.
  • Comfortable fabrics: Callaway Golf Fashion uses comfortable materials to help you stay comfortable on the course.

Callaway Golf sponsors several professional golf players, including world #3 and Masters champion Jon Rahm. Callaway also made a lot of noise recently by sponsoring (equipment, not clothes) several YouTube golf channels such as Good Good and Bob does Sports.

Under Armour Golf: performance golf apparel for the serious athlete

Jordan Spieth bunker shot wearing Under Armour

Under Armour Golf is known for merging style and performance. Their strong connections to professional golfers ensure you’re wearing trusted gear. You can easily find their products at local shops or online. Whether you’re a golfer or want to look good on the course, Under Armour Golf has you covered. Tee off in style and up your game with this exceptional brand!

They are known for their fitness products, so you can be assured you’ll never overheat on the golf course!

  • Performance fabrics: Under Armour Golf uses performance fabrics, such as UA Tech™, to help you stay cool, dry, and comfortable on the course.
  • Stylish designs: Under Armour Golf apparel is designed to be both stylish and functional.

Under Armour is famous for being the official sponsor of Masters champion Jordan Spieth (picture above) who is one of the most entertaining golfers to watch. He is famously known for getting brilliantly in an out of impossible situations thanks to his creative style of play.

Mizuno Golf: performance golf apparel for the discerning athlete

Mizuno golf clothes

Enter in the classic Japanese world of Mizuno Golf, a brand renowned for its fusion of style and performance. Their trusted gear is often seen on professional golfers such as Ryder Cup team Europe captain Luke Donald, and many other pros, offering you the same quality. Mizuno Golf products are readily available at local shops and online. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or aiming to look sharp, Mizuno Golf has you covered. Get ready to tee off in style and enhance your golfing experience with this exceptional brand!

  • Customization options: Mizuno Golf offers a variety of customization options so you can create the perfect look for your individual needs.
  • Performance fabrics: Mizuno Golf uses performance fabrics, such as Dry-Stretch and Dual Wave, to help you stay cool, dry, and comfortable on the course.

In the golf world, Mizuno have always been known for the quality of their blades and cavity-back irons, but in terms of apparel, they have also become a serious contender for athletes seeking performance and comfort on the golf course.

Fashion golf apparel brands

In this part, we are going to review some of the newest golf brands who are reinventing the golfer attire.

A.P.C. Golf: classic golf apparel with a modern twist

A.P.C Golf

A.P.C. Golf embodies golfing elegance and sophistication like no other. This brand seamlessly blends high-performance functionality with a timeless sense of style, creating golf apparel and accessories that redefine the boundaries of fashion on the fairway.

The French brand, very popular in South Korea, showcases sartorial excellence, offering a range of attire that effortlessly transitions from the golf course to chic gatherings, making a bold fashion statement at every turn. A.P.C. Golf’s attention to detail is unparalleled, ensuring each piece is tailored to perfection for comfort and panache.

With A.P.C. Golf, you’re not just dressing for the game but embracing a lifestyle of refinement and excellence. This brand speaks to those who appreciate the synergy of athletic performance and impeccable fashion. Elevate your golfing experience with A.P.C. Golf, where style meets sport in a harmonious fusion of sophistication.

On the course, A.P.C. Golf has you covered. Get ready to tee off in style and elevate your golf experience with this exceptional brand!

  • Classic styles: A.P.C. Golf is inspired by traditional menswear styles, perfect for the golf course.
  • Modern twist: A.P.C. Golf also adds a modern twist to its designs so you can look stylish on the course.

Malbon Golf: modern golf apparel for the creative individual

Malbon Golf

Malbon Golf is the epitome of golfing chic, where performance meets style with effortless finesse. This brand, favored by golf hipsters and vintage lovers, curates golfing apparel and accessories that exude timeless elegance. Whether you’re striding down the fairway or enjoying a post-game drink at the clubhouse, Malbon Golf ensures you do it with unrivaled panache.

Their collection boasts a harmonious fusion of classic and contemporary aesthetics, featuring meticulously designed golfing attire that transitions effortlessly from the course to casual outings. Each piece feels like it’s been tailored to perfection, offering a fit as comfortable as it is dapper.

With Malbon Golf, you’re not just wearing golf apparel; you’re making a statement. The brand speaks to golf enthusiasts who value performance and style, ensuring you always look and feel your best on and off the course. Elevate your golfing lifestyle with Malbon Golf, where fashion and sportswear unite in a symphony of sophistication.

Early 2024, Malbon made a lot of noise on the PGA Tour by sponsoring world-class Australian player Jason Day.

You can check their latest collection by clicking here.

Bogey Boys: look good. play good. have fun

Bogey Boys and Adidas collab by Mackelmore

Bogey Boys is a golf and lifestyle brand created by Benjamin Hammond Haggerty publicly known as Macklemore, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Macklemore founded Bogey Boys in 2021 after spending the first year of the pandemic working on his golf game and designing, brainstorming, manufacturing, sampling, coming up with the story and concept, and developing the apparel line.

Macklemore has long been a golf addict and wanted to create a brand that would appeal to golfers who are passionate about the game but enjoy having fun. The lifestyle of these golfers inspires Bogey Boys’ apparel, designed to be both stylish and comfortable.

Bogey Boys doesn’t shy away from bold statements, allowing golfers to express their individuality through clothing. It’s a brand that encourages golfers to have fun with their fashion choices while maintaining the performance and functionality necessary for a successful round of golf.

  • Laid-back aesthetic: Bogey Boys’ designs are often relaxed and comfortable, perfect for the golfer who wants to look good without being too dressed.
  • Cool factor: Bogey Boys’ apparel has a cool factor that is sure to turn heads on the course.

As mentioned above, Bogey Boys isn't just an indie brand, as they have made collabs with the likes of Adidas Golf.

Random Golf Club: golf needs a rebrand

Random Golf Club Erik Anders Lang

Random Golf Club is a golf apparel brand, YouTube channel and membership-based golfer community created by Erik Anders Lang, a Swedish-American filmmaker, photographer, and golfer.

Lang founded Random Golf Club in 2019 after he became frustrated with the traditional golf apparel market. He felt the market was too stuffy and formal and wanted to create a more playful, inclusive, laid-back and irreverent brand.

Random Golf Club takes a refreshingly unconventional approach to golf apparel, infusing it with adventure and authenticity. Their clothing collection epitomizes the spirit of golf as an inclusive, social, and fun sport.

Imagine stylish, comfortable, fashionable golf shirts designed to make a statement without taking golf too seriously. Random Golf Club embraces a sense of nostalgia with its designs, drawing inspiration from the game’s heritage while adding a contemporary twist.

  • Playful and irreverent designs: Random Golf Club’s plans are often active and irreverent, which is a refreshing change from the traditional golf apparel market.
  • High-quality materials and construction: Random Golf Club uses only the finest materials in its apparel, so you can be sure it will last.

RGC became popular recently thanks to the big success of the Mad Scramble Tour on YouTube:

We strongly recommend you watch the series!

YouTube golf clothing brands that deserve to be mentioned

Here is a list of some other excellent golf clothing brands that are on the rise, especially with the growth of YouTube golf, where channels are either sponsored or have launched their own brand:

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