My top 5 favorite YouTube golf channels


Most of us golfers LOVE golf content online. We’re content-driven, and YouTube has become our go-to media. We watch YouTube Golf channels for multiple reasons. Living in Asia and unable to catch the game live, I’m making sure to see PGA and LPGA Tour highlights the following day. YouTube also allows me to get golf advice from the best coaches worldwide, I can watch some YouTube golf vlogs for entertainment, discover the latest golf technology releases, and watch reviews on brand new golf clubs.

There’s always a good reason to watch golf on YouTube (or read the Screengolfers blog!) So, without further ado, let me give you my top 5 favorite YouTube golf channels in no particular order or ranking. Please comment below to let me know your top 5, as I’m always looking for more content.

Rick Shiels Golf

I discovered Rick Shiels Golf while doing my first YouTube golf search. If you’re reading this, there is a high chance that you also know him already. You CANNOT write a piece about YouTube Golf channels and not name him. I’m not sure if he was the first known YouTube golfer out there, but he’s the most followed with nearly 2.5 million followers (as of September 2023)! It’s simply insane, but it’s also due to his hard work and dedication to the game we all love!

Rick Shiels was a professional golf instructor and started initially giving tips and drills on YouTube to promote his golf instruction services. He’s since moved into different concepts like the “Break 75” series in which he tries to break 75 on the most beautiful golf courses in the U.K (and sometimes in the world, for international episodes). Along the “Break 75” series, Rick Shiels also makes videos with PGA, LPGA, DP World Tour or LIV Golf players where he plays a scramble with them or tries to beat them starting at 10 under.

Here are my top 3 favorite videos of him:

In July 2023, Rick Shiels and his team created a second channel called H.I.T Golf dedicated to product reviews filmed in a brand new state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator studio.

Good Good

I can’t discuss YouTube golf content creators without mentioning Good Good! The channel launched during the pandemic in July 2020 with videos in Branson and Mexico. The channel became viral after a hole-in-one on a par 4 video (see above).

As of September 2023, Good Good comprises several members: Garrett Clark, Matt Scharff, Stephen Castaneda, Tom “Bubbie” Broders, Luke Kwon, AJ Pujols, Brad Dalke and Ben Hadden. Each member of the crew has its own channel. A couple of months ago, Micah Morris and Grant Horvat left the team to focus on their own YouTube golf channels (which are also really fun to watch) and Micah on his professional golf career.

Before Good Good, Garrett created his channel in April 2013 called GM Golf, where he would initially publish trick-shot videos. Also, in July 2019, along with Matt, Stephen, and Brodie Smith, Garrett created a channel called BroFive that ended around Good Good’s launch.

Their channel is about golf challenges between buddies (individual and teams), energetic vlogs, and playing on the best courses in the U.S. They’re primarily in their mid-20s and also play solid golf. The channel currently has over 1.3 million followers.

Good Good goes beyond YouTube. They created their golf clothing brand (polos, hats, joggers, hoodies…), putter, and recently partnered with Callaway Golf.

Peter Finch

Peter Finch is a former European Tour (PGA EuroPro tour) and Challenge Tour player. He retired and transitioned to creating Golf content on YouTube and being a Golf teacher. His channel, Peter Finch Golf, is similar to Rick Shiels in that they give golf tips, do course vlogs, play with golf pros, and do product reviews. Yet I still enjoy watching his channel as he has a very different style. He is very sarcastic and, honestly, is a better golfer than Rick (sorry Rick).

He also has a podcast called The Rough Cut Golf Podcast.

Renaud Poupard

Renaud Poupard is a professional golf instructor in France who created the YouTube channel coursdegolf.net. Hear me out. I know I’m recommending a channel in French to English-speaking readers. Still, you can enjoy his golf instructions videos as much as I do by activating the subtitles on YouTube.

I wanted to feature him in my top 5 because of the way he’s filming and doing his vlogs. Renaud Poupard gives excellent golf advice in a manner that is easy to understand. He’s a good golf coach who teaches people to swing with the right tempo rather than smashing the ball. His filming style is peaceful, quiet, and is always set on beautiful golf courses.

Taco Golf

Special note to Taco Golf as well. He’s got 13k followers, far away from Rick, Peter, or Good Good, but this Kiwi Golfer has some excellent content! Former Australian and NZ PGA tour, he’s now turning to teaching and creating golf content on YouTube. He’s striking the ball super solid, and every video is always nice to watch.

Here are a couple videos that he made:

  • I played New Zealand’s toughest golf course
  • 3 habits that make your golf swing ugly
  • I challenged a pro golfer that shot 59

Being based in NZ, I encourage you to go and see his video, as courses over there are on another level!

Special mentions

Two other YouTube golf channels out there are top-rated and particularly enjoyed by my fellow colleague Adrien and deserve a special mention: Bob Does Sports for their funny, casual, relatable and chaotic dynamic (my colleague Adrien’s favorite channel), and BustaJack Golf for their “Golfin’ Old Glory” series where they 50 States in 50 weeks.

If you’re interested in golf content, check out also our top 5 golf podcasts article.

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