11 fun golf drinking games to try with your buddies

Golfer with cocktail

Is it okay to drink when playing golf?

Of course, it is. Golf is actually one of the most suited sports when it comes to practice and drinking at the same time. For some people, downing an infusion can help you to loosen up your body and hit the ball better (well, at least after the first drink or two, then things often go south). That being said, everybody knows their limit, and you shouldn’t drink to the point of putting yourself or others in danger. The aim is to have a fun session of casual golf. According to Peter Finch in one of his podcast episodes, drinking on the golf course is a very American thing. In Scotland and Europe, players almost never drink before reaching the 19th hole.

1 – Wolf

Wolf is a classic golf game that can be turned into a drinking game. Players take turns being the “Wolf” on each hole in this game. After watching their tee shots, The Wolf can partner with one of the other players. The other players must drink if the Wolf’s team wins the hole.

2 – Sixes

In Sixes, each player takes turns being the “Six.” The Six rotates on each hole. If you’re the Six and you score six on a hole (e.g., a bogey on a par 5), you can make the other players drink. If you don’t score a six, you have to drink.

3 – Greenies

In Greenies, players bet a certain amount of money or drinks on who can get their ball closest to the pin on par 3 holes. The player who wins the bet collects the drinks from the others and gets to distribute them the way he wants to (e.g., you bet 3 shots, you’ll be the closest to the pin, you win. You can give 3 shots to one person or 1 to each)

4 – Tee Box Challenges

Create various challenges at the tee box. For example, if someone hits their tee shot into a bunker, they have to take a drink. If someone lands in the rough, they take a sip, and so on.

5 – Quota

In Quota, each player has a target score (Quota) for the round. If they meet or exceed their Quota, they can make other players drink based on how far below their Quota they finish.

6 – Shotgun Start

Before starting the round, players take a shot of a designated alcoholic beverage at the first tee. Then, drink at specific intervals during the round, such as every three holes.

7 – Bingo, Bango, Bongo

In this game, there are three opportunities to win points on each hole: “Bingo” for being the first on the green, “Bango” for being the player closest to the hole once all balls are on the green, and “Bongo” for being the first to sink the putt. The player with the most points at the end of the round can assign drinks to the others based on the point differential. (e.g., 1 player is first on the green AND closest to the pin – they get 2 points)

8 – Beer Handicap

The Beer Handicap game might be for you if you can drink with your friends under the table. To play beer handicap, keep score the same as you usually would. Then, at the end of the round, players get to deduct one stroke for every drink they finish during the game!

9 – The Birdie Game

The Birdie game is simple: anytime someone in your group scores a birdie, the rest has to drink. Once again, adjust the rules to fit your group. If you want to take things easy, opt for taking a sip. If you’re ready to let your hair down, go for more!

10 – Chip in

Chip-in requires that if a player makes a chip shot into the hole, every other player must take a drink. This is a great reason to practice your chip shots!

11 – Mulligan Madness

Mulligan Madness is one of the best Golf-drinking games out there. For those who don’t know, a Mulligan is a shot you get to replay if you aren’t happy with the results (Tee shot, which ends up Out of Bounds, for example). In Mulligan Madness, you get to replay your stroke from the spot of your previous stroke without penalty after you hit a bad shot. But suppose you decide to take a mulligan. In that case, you must take a shot/sip/chug a beer (it is up to your team to determine the amount), which will apply to any Mulligan taken during the round.

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